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About The Society :

The name of the Society is the “INDIAN MEDICO-LEGAL & ETHICS ASSOCIATION (IMLEA)” (hereinafter referred to as the Society) is registered under Indian Trust/Society Act on September 22, 2010 at Amaravati (Maharastra).

The registered office of the Society shall be within the country (Republic of India) and Present Office is Yashoda Nagar No. 2, Amaravati (Maharastra).

Objectives Of The Society :

  • To promote Medico-legal and Ethical issues related to practice of medicine and quality care of individuals.

  • To promote, support and conduct research related to medico-legal, ethical and quality care issues in the field of medicine.

  • To help, guide, co-ordinate, co-operate and provide expert opinion to the government agencies, NGO, any semi-government, voluntary, government agencies, legal bodies / institutions and judiciary in deciding settled or unsettled laws or application of laws / rules related to medico-legal or ethical issues.

  • To raise funds and to do all such other things as may be necessary, incidental, convenient, conducive to the attainment of various above mentioned objectives.

  • To train the medical professionals in doctor-patient relationship, communication skills, record maintenance and prevention of litigations.

  • To promote and support the community members and individuals in amicable settlements of the disputes related to patient care, management and treatment.

  • To provide specialized training in related issues during undergraduate or postgraduate education.

  • To organize conferences, national meets, CME, updates, symposia etc related to these issues.

  • To identify, establish, accreditation and promote organizations, hospitals, institutes, colleges and associations working on the related and allied issues.

  • To promote goodwill, better care, quality care, professional conduct, ethical values.

  • To establish and maintain educational institutes, hospitals, medical colleges, libraries, research centers, laboratories etc. for the promotion of its objects and to provide scholarships, fellowships, grants, endowments etc. in these fields.

  • To print and publish the bulletins, books, official journal / newsletters or periodicals etc on related and allied subjects.

  • To co-operate, co-ordinate, affiliate and work with other bodies, agencies or organizations to achieve the objects.

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