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Eligibility Criteria :

  1. Any person who is a residential Indian citizen and is holding a diploma / degree in medical sciences recognized by different / respective Council in India may be selected by the Executive Board as Life member of the society.

  2. The advisory and Patron Members shall be selected or nominated by Executive Board so as to facilitate the working of the association.

  3. If any of the residential Indian citizen member moves out of India, all the correspondence, including journals and ballot papers to eligible voters, shall be sent only to the latest local Indian address as on records with Society unless they pay extra charges as applicable for the postage at any other address.

  4. Any Registered Medical Practitioner, registered with their respective councils can become the members. Different wings can be started with the approval of Executive Board & General Body. The following wings can be approved.

  5. Dental.

  6. Ayurvedic & Indian Medicine.

  7. Homeopathy.

A Member shall be Entitled to the following Privileges :

  • To receive the journal of the Society whenever published, either e-copy free or hard copy at a subsidized rate fixed by the General Body from time to time.

  • To receive other publications of the Society either free of cost or at a rate fixed by the Executive Board from time to time.

  • To attend meetings and conferences arranged or organized by the Society by paying the prescribed fees.

  • To use reading room and libraries maintained by the Society and to consult and use the books and periodicals in the library at such time and on such conditions as may be prescribed by the regulations made by the Executive Board.

  • To enjoy such other privileges or benefits as may be determined by the Executive Board.

  • Any member going out of India shall be entitled to receive all the communication of the Society including the journals only at the last local Indian address as on records of the Society.

  • A Patron / Advisory member is not eligible to be elected as Office Bearer or Executive Board member nor shall he have right to take part in the election or vote at any meeting or election of the Society or its branches / chapters.

  • A member guilty of infamous conduct as defined under ethical code by various Medical Council of India or of acts prejudicial to the interests of the Society may on the proposal of the Executive Board and after giving the member 30 daysí notice to make any written representation that he may desire to make, be expelled from the Society, by a resolution, carried by a three fourths majority of the members present in a General Body Meeting expressly called for the purpose or at the Annual General Body meeting of the Society.

  • The notice of the meeting shall contain the particulars of the charges against the member and shall be accompanied by written explanation, if any, submitted by the member.

  • The election of the office bearers and the members of the Executive Board of the Society shall be held by secret ballot or as per the guidelines supplied by the Executive Board members from time to time.


Membership Types :
  • Overseas or Foreign Members.
  • Life
  • Couple Life
  • Advisory
  • Patron member
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Membership Fee :
  • Life membership: 3500/-
  • Couple Life: 6000/-
  • Advisory member
    (fee to be decided by EB)
  • Patron member
    (fee to be decided by EB)
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Download List Of Life Members 2-2
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